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Sponsorship and charity

Annually we provide support to a lot of charities, fund-raisers and apprentices within the community, which we regard as home to our stores. On a daily basis Ades receives many requests from commendable causes and unfortunately we cannot offer help to them all.

We offer support to our community in a variety of ways:


At Ades we know what matters locally to our customers and we have always gone the extra mile to support school events, church events, football clubs, groups and charities local to each of our stores within our community. See what they say about us below...

School Event

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Church Event

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Packaging is part and parcel of what we do. Without great packaging, many of our products wouldn't make it to our stores, or your homes in one piece. Some of our food would not be safe, others would not taste so good, and some things need to be packaged for extra protection as they are so delicate.

We are focussed on reducing and improving packaging. But, it is not just about less packaging, its about packaging that keeps products at their best for longer, both in stores and at your homes.


Why choose between quality and price when Ades gives you both?

Our SuperValue range of products give you brand name quality at great prices. With over 5000 products in the range, we have everything you need for your weekly shopping, including fresh meat and vegetables. We source our products from well established local suppliers and others from all over the world. And now with our new range, you can get the local produce you love and the essentials you need, at a great price.

Ades Product

Now you can have it all. We are here to offer you value for money.

At Ades, we offer you fairly priced high quality products and a wide range of fantastic special offers every week. As part of that commitment to offering you good value, you are always guaranteed to find mix and match deals on frozen grocery and fresh products making it easier for you to save. Our good value range offer a variety of essential products at competitive prices.


At Ades, we always ensure our customers get great value for money, by providing amazing deals. These are just a few of our current offers and there are a lot more instore.

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