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We are always looking for new UK and International suppliers. Please go through the following guidelines to register with us;


We expect high-quality merchandise from our suppliers

Product Labelling
It is mandatory to have the following on the product label of any product you wish to supply
  1. Product Name
  2. Name and Address of Supplier
  3. Supplier's Contact Number
  4. List of all ingredients used in the product and quantity (Requirement for Ready Meals & Snacks)
  5. Storage Conditions or Instructions for use
  6. Durability - Best Before Date or Use By Date
  7. EU Number if product contains meat / chicken / fish / dairy
  8. Barcode

The product packaging should comply with E.U and UK packaging regulations.


Suppliers must be registered with the local authority where the product is being produced.

Certification (Requirement for Ready Meals & Snacks)

Suppliers providing ready made meals & snacks are required to have a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.

  • Ready made meals & snacks can not be stocked at Ades Cash & Carry unless the requirements listed above are met. For more information on packaging and labelling, go to the Food Standards Agency Website.

  • Once a product has met the specified requirement, we operate a one month trial period after which we will make a decision on whether to stock the product or not.

  • We operate a strict NO CASH PAYMENT policy. Every supplier will be required to supply an invoice, which will be paid within 28 days either by cheque or bank transfer.

  • Click here to download the form. Complete and bring with any of the listed documents in section one and two below.

    Section One (Proof of Identity)

    Passport or
    Full Driving Licence

    Section Two (Proof of Address)

    Company Utility Bill (E.g Gas, Water or Electricity. Dated within the last three months)