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Nigerian Akamu (Ogi or Pap)

Before you make Nigerian Akamu
  1. If you can't buy or make Akamu from scratch, you can use corn starch or very smooth corn flour but the classic sour taste will be missing.
  2. Evaporated milk is the best milk for ogi. Whole milk, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk are not great for akamu. If making Akamu for your baby, use baby milk.
  3. Add sugar to your taste. I have never used other sweeteners in Akamu. For babies, do not add sugar.
Ingredient List
  • Wet Corn Starch (Akamu, Ogi or Pap)
  • Water (Hot and Cold)
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Sugar (to taste)
  1. Put some lumps of akamu/ogi/pap into a sizeable bowl. Akamu rises during preparation so you should use a bowl big enough to contain the meal in its risen state. If in doubt, use a very big bowl, with time, you will learn which quantity can comfortably fit in which bowl size.
  2. Use a tablespoon to crush the lumps of ogi into very small pieces.
  3. Add cold water in small quantities and mix till you have a medium consistency with no lumps.
  4. Put a kettle of water to boil. Make sure the water will be enough. It is better to boil too much water than not have enough water when making akamu.
  5. Just before the water boils, stir the mix very well because some of the ogi may have settled at the bottom of the bowl. If not stirred well, this is the major cause of lumps when you start making it.
  6. Once the water boils, pour it slowly but steadily in a circular motion into the bowl of akamu and stir at the same time. Pouring the hot water slowly and stirring at the same is very important because this prevents lumps.
  7. Once you see the mixture setting, stop stirring and reduce the flow of water you are pouring till the akamu has completely set.
  8. Set the kettle aside and stir the pap very well. If it is too thick for you, you can add more hot water. But be careful else it will become watery. Remember that you will still add liquid evaporated milk.
  9. Add evaporated milk and some sugar to taste and stir everything to the way you like it.

Akamu goes well with Fried Plantain, Akara, Nigerian Moi Moi, Nigerian Pancake, Fried Yam, Fried Potatoes, Beans Porridge, Nigerian Okpa, even Nigerian Puff Puff etc.